Client Testimonials

We had a wonderful adventure – a journey that my family and friends will cherish.

Yamil is a wonderful guide; durable and knowledgeable  gentleman. He made our experience enjoyable, gave us individual and group attention, and shared wonderful stories, foods and culture. We will recommend you to our friends and family. Thank you. Dee

I feel so fortunate to have “stumbled upon” Andina Travel.

By chance, my wife’s first search online about Machu Picchu lead her to a page where people were talking about taking a trek by foot.  After a few more clicks she found someone mentioning Andina Travel and right away they were quick to respond to emails, great with ideas and questions, and accommodating with our total novice desire to take on such a big trip.  We ended up doing the ambitious Choquequariao trek which lead us through an AMAZING 6 days leading up to Machu Picchu.  None of my research could’ve prepared me for the reality of such an amazing and formidable journey but multiple people at Andina Travel set my worries at ease.  Being a business person myself, I knew it was necessary to trust the experts and every step of the way the entire team at Andina Travel delivered!  They paired our group of 6 with a very confident and personable guide, Yamil who connected us with two great chefs (and brothers) Francisco and Alejandro.  Along with the mule drivers, we were lead through an unforgettable expedition down mountain paths with beautiful vistas all around, across raging rivers, through legendary ruins with incredible stories told delightfully by our guide, and resting in camps set-up for us when we arrived (and don’t forget two great chefs who were responsive to our tastes by cooking TOP NOTCH meals three times every day)!  It is impossible to describe exactly what type of life-changing trip we took with Andina Travel but they made it possible for my 12 year old daughter, wife, and 3 great friends to accomplish a monumental journey that would’ve been less without them.

We took thousands of high resolution photos of our trip and plan to put together a documentary to help others understand why taking a trek is the type of thing everyone needs to consider, and why choosing Andina Travel is the only way to do it!

We would love to show you some of our photos and videos at and  >> There are so many more to share and we truly hope to share our videos soon!

Dan and Michele Terpstra, Lily, Jenny, Jeremy, and Andrea

Grand Rapids, Michigan USA

Please let your staff and manager know that our experience with Andina was great!

All the emails sent back and forth in the planning process were answered in a very timely fashion and all with very helpful information.  And, our trek and visit to Machu Picchu were fabulous!  It became apparent to us that a great deal of planning was done on the part of your agency and all facets of the trip were very well organized.  The trek itself far exceeded our expectations and our guide, Alberto and our runner, Tio, were over the top wonderful! Alberto was very informative, told us great stories, and watched over our safety in such a way that I felt I had a guardian angel along with us at all times. We could hardly believe our eyes when we saw our special picnic lunch with a table, tablecloth and delicious food all ready for us at the top of a mountain.  Additionally, the stay with Navidad and her husband was an experience we will never forget—it was Peruvian charm at its very best.

So, in a nutshell, many many thanks to Andina for the experience of a lifetime.  I would never hesitate to recommend your agency and would in particular, recommend the specific trek we took.

Tom and Patty


I just wanted to THANK YOU once again for such a wonderful visit to Cusco & Machu Picchu last

week.  Both Omar & I thoroughly enjoyed our trip and the tour guides on BOTH excursions were

EXCELLENT!!  I highly recommend them – (and already have to several friends, family & colleagues)

here in the United States – so (hopefully) in the next few months/years I’ll be sending additional

business/travelers your way!!

Enjoy the upcoming holidays!


An enjoyable break I have had!

I can still see the distinctly Andean corrals with thatched houses & herds of alpacas & colourfully-attired inhabitants by Ausangate, see the 7 vicuñas washing in a water hole – even veteran Jamil was touched.  I can still feel the Quechuan strains of Cesar’s flute permeating both atmosphere & soul at Abra San Juan, feel the celestial draw of the Milky Way as we rattled down from Yanama in the back of a truck to the accompaniment of distant thunder & lightning.  And once again, the imagination & vision of humanity inspired, be that of Incans past or acquaintances present – fellow trekkers, Andina Travel staff, & local Peruvians alike have been singularly kind.

I have felt safe & supported on unfamiliar soil, have left with impressions & memories which bring a smile to my face.  It has been less demanding than Himalayan-trekking (the standard to which I have equipped myself), the aesthetics afforded simply adding to my passion for all the world’s high places!

No, I would not have chosen to do anything differently, & would be open to similar adventures in future!




I just wanted to email to share what a wonderful trek experience I had in the September 3 day trek with Jimmy. Everything from the other trekkers, our host family for our first night and the views were great! I was so inspired by the trek I am actually hoping to continue experience some of the great natural views South America has to offer. Ali

Hi  Jose and Ruben,

I know it has been a few months now, but I have finally found time to sit down and write you guys a thank you email. I was the blonde ‘gambling’ girl on the Dragoman tour (with Julie and Vikki) that trekked through the Andes with you on the Community Trek. I just wanted to say a huge thank you for everything that you did for us. I had the time of my life in South America and one of the biggest highlights was that trail. I have never walked so far or at altitude before and although it was very hard some days, I enjoyed every moment and will never ever forget that accomplishment. I miss the mountains very much. I was delighted to see that the llamas have located to their new spot too. Congratulations. Julie told me that you also organized the Raqchi homestay, where I Zach and I stayed with Yuri’s family (photo attached). I was wondering if there is anyway that I could keep in touch with the little boy, he was so adorable and I would love to follow how he grows up, send him photos and gifts when I can. The Raqchi homestay was also one of my favorite days of my trip. Do they have an address or could I send you emails that could be passed on? I would also be keen to be involved with your next project (the school we stayed at, I think), so, as I am still travelling, if I can do anything please let me know. Once again, thank you for everything. I have my own dice and cup so when I return home I can teach the game to my own family 🙂 Lots of love to you both. Emma

Peru Tour

You’ve probably heard things like this before, but Cusco and Machu Picchu may be the most powerful travel experience of my life. The trek was hard — physically and mentally — but well worth every belabored breath, every drop of sweat (and there were many), every quiver of vertigo. When I came around the small bend after the “killer stairs,” as my brilliant guide Paul called them, he hadn’t prepared me for what I was going to experience. There, stretched below me, off into the nearby distance, was Machu Picchu. If I’d had any breath left it would have been swept away. Okay, so a tear or two streaked down my face, but the collision of exhaustion, exhilaration, and an undeniable energy for the place and spirits of before, whacks you in the head and heart in a way that, again, no view or hike or excursion has for me. It was remarkable. A perfect moment. And to top it off, we ended up being alone at the sun gate (Intipunku) for quite some time to enjoy it solitude. In fact, Paul gave me the space to do a few sun salutations (I’ve recently taken up yoga) inside the gate peering at Machu Picchu the entire time. Amazing. They (Andina Travel) seem to be a small company with their act largely together. Paul Cano Callanauba, the guide, was like a prophet from the heavens. He is so intelligent and inspired, that his understanding of me was nuanced, sophisticated and attentive. THIS is exactly what someone, like me, needs when you’re venturing quite a ways outside your comfort zone. I had complete confidence in his trekking skills because of his preparation and empathy both. Beyond that, however, I have never learned more in a more delightful way than I did with Paul in two days. His knowledge of history — Peruvian, Andean and Inca traditions and mythology — is extraordinary; but his ability to relay this information in an accessible and interesting way is even more impressive. He knew when to educate, when to ponder, when to play and when to have silence. Paul is one of the most emotionally intelligent people I’ve ever met. We had a perfectly delightful experience and shared accomplishment. Really grand.” Steven Bosacker

The Community Trek and Machu Picchu with Andina Travels

The Community Trek and Machu Picchu with Andina Travels was everything I anticipated and more. The Community Trek was physically and mentally challenging but the team at Andina Travels – Yamil, Pierro and Rueben were always there to help and keep my spirits high. Reaching the highest peak on the trek was ultimately a wonderful and ecstatic experience for me – it was one of the highlights of trek. Staying with community was another highlight of this trek – meeting local people from these amazing Andes Mountains. Walking into areas with no other tourists and very few people was truly very special. It was great to get to camp and find our tents up and lunch, a cup of tea or dinner on the go. All the team the mule handlers, cooks and guides where all there to help us achieve our goal of walking in these mountains. Machu Picchu was a life changing experience for me. Yamil as a guide gave an informative and interesting tour of this ancient ruins, allowing plenty of time for viewing, photos or just taking in the energy of the place. In the afternoon I had enough tie to walk up to the Sun Gate and feel the energy of the Inca Path and the Sun Gate whilst viewing Machu Picchu ruins from above. Thank you for an amazing and life challenging experience. Shirley Motteram

Great Trek with Andina Travel

Just finished 4D/3N Classic Inca Trail trek with Andina Travel. We had our own group of nine people in private service. Everyone in our group had a great time, and we highly recommend this trek with Andina Travel. We had very thoroughly, in-depth, researched which guide agency to use and our pick of Andina Travel was perfect. We had two friendly, enjoyable, knowledgeable and professional trek guides, who went out of their way to make sure everyone had a good, learning trek. The food was outstanding and abundant. There were no surprises, which is quite important on a trek through the Andes. I most likely will do this again, and I’ll pick Andina Travel again. Charles B

I recently went on the journey through the Andean mountains with Andina travel company for four days.

It was the greatest experience and the journey of a lifetime. It was more than I had ever expected or imagined it to be. I would not have been able to make it through those 4 days without the amazing staff: the guides, wranglers, and cooks. The knowledge that the guides bestowed upon us was something you could never appreciate as you would reading it out of a textbook. They were so knowledge on all events, and I was blown away by how precise they were on dates and timelines. They were also so patient with us which was exactly what we needed. Some of us would fall back on the hike especially when hitting the first summit because we had trouble breathing (we live below sea level and were attempting a 14,000 ft pass). They encouraged us, waited with us, and kept on a great face the whole time. They had a general concern about each and every one of us, got to know us, and were the greatest of motivation. I would not have made it to the top without their assistance and kindness. They made the hike even greater than I thought it would be, and I left feeling like I gathered a whole new perspective on that region and the lives and beliefs of the local people. The cooks and wranglers were awesome. They busted butt to give us the best experience while camping possible. I thought I was going to be living off dehydrated food for four days, but was pleasantly surprised. I ate better those four days than when I do at home. They had warm cooked meals three times a day, multiple courses at each. They woke us up every morning with hot tea or coffee, and also had tea time when we arrived to the campsite each day which was such a great way to end a long hike. I don’t care for either, and I was so excited when they busted out the hot chocolate. I was definitely a happy camper. The wranglers had everything set up so nicely and arranged in a perfect manner. One day around lunch time a hard hail began to come down and the wranglers were ready with our lunch tent set up. Even amongst the storm, they still were bringing in hot food and water for us. They were such hard workers. The experience was amazing from the views to the mental, emotional, and physical challenge it was to complete the hike. However, it would not have been on that level without the ease and support of the Andina workers. They made the experience as smooth on us as possible so that we could enjoy our time taking in the sights, getting to know the other travelers, and adjusting to our short but sweet mountain life. I am so thankful to Andina for opening my eyes. My friends and I who journeyed through Peru with them are already wanting to go on another adventure, and we wouldn’t choose anyone but Andina to lead the way. Great people, great times, greatest adventure. Ashlyn Blanchard

Paracas/ Ballestas/ Nazca – Arequipa – Puno/ Machu Picchu

Estimados, Una vez más, quisiéramos agradecer a todo el Equipo Andina Travel por su profesionalismo, su apoyo, su excelente organización y por el servicio personalizado en la concepción de nuestro viaje a Perú. Muchas gracias Saludos cordiales desde Bogotá Esther & Dominique

Combination Tour – Lima / Cusco / Inca Trail / Day Tours

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful time my daughter and I had in your beautiful country, Peru, last week. Your company is a class A operation and all the arrangements you made for us were perfectly executed. From the moment that we landed at the airport in Lima at 11 pm on Saturday night and we saw a friendly man holding our name to the moment we were returned to the Lima airport 12 days later, every minute was well organized with friendly and knowledgeable guides and drivers. The hotels, day trips and especially the hike on the Inca Trail were well planned and made our trip unforgettable. I want to especially recognize and thank Ralfi our Inca Trail guide. Ralfi was extremely knowledgeable, considerate and patient with us. He took the time to explain Inca history and ruins, and stopped to introduce us to any new flower or plant that we came upon along the trail. The porters were friendly and Charles’s food was as good as any restaurant while taking into account our dietary requests. Thank you again and please don’t hesitate to use me as a reference to any potential client. Good luck and Happy New Year! Arie Behar Arie@Firstpropertyms.Com

Lares Valley Trek

Hello! My name is Nicholas LeRoy, I was a client of yours who went on the Lares Valley hike back in September. I wanted to write you for two reasons. First, I wanted to tell you that I was extremely satisfied with the services that your company provided. I was blown away by the hospitality, timeliness, organization, cooking, and overall friendliness of everyone involved. Both Jason and I were extremely pleased that we chose the LaresValley hike over the Classic Inca trail. We ran into many others who were dissapointed with the traffic on the Classic Inca trail and wished that they had tried something different. Thanks again for the great job, and keep up the excellent work. We will definately recommend you to anyone whom is looking to hike near Cusco. Second, I am wondering if it would be possible for you to send me Jorge’s email address? We took a few pictures and some video on the trip and we would like to email them to him. Jorge was our guide on the Lares Valley hike. I would definately recommend him to anyone who is taking the hike as he is knowledgeable and friendly. Thanks again for the excellent job! Regards, Nick LeRoy