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Peru For Less

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Peru For Less .Peru is an excellent destination for travellers on a budget. When is it safe and smart to save money? How to make the most of your Peruvian holidays? How to travel through Peru for less?

Learn about useful tips regarding planning, packing, accommodation, food, health, transport, and souvenirs to avoid tourist traps and unnecessary expenses.





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Saylla – the Ultimate Chicharrón Challenge

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Picture by: Más Peruano Que

Saylla lies in the South Valley about 15 km or 40 minutes bus ride from the center of Cusco on the way to Puno before arriving to Tipon. Saylla or Los Leones combis go there for 1 sol. When your bus is getting closer a new valley opens in front of your eyes and that is the moment to start looking out for the restaurants. They are situated right on the main road, so as soon as you can see them get off on the next paradero. There are so many open-air restaurants it seems like all the chicharrón cooks agreed to move to Saylla and start a culinary imperium there.

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